Rites of passage have been present in many cultures around the world for centuries. When done properly, rites of passage can be healing and powerfully transformative, life changing events. 

I have officiated three types of rites of passage which I offer services in at this time: weddings, memorial services, and vision quests.  

As each process is unique to the participant(s) and needs therein, I advise you to please contact me when you are able to have further discussion about setting such rite of passage into motion. 

Current Offering: 

Creative Rites of Passage Workshop       July 8th, 22nd; August 5th, 19th

Rites of passages have existed for centuries in many different cultures serving as vehicles of personal transformation into a new phase of life. Some Rites of passage you may have heard of: pilgrimage, baptism, bar or bat mitzah, Quineceanera, vision quest, walkabout, or rumspringa. It’s a pilgrimage to a sacred place, partially completed alone (i.e. a solo), until the journeyer reintegrates back into their life anew. Often, that rite is completed outside in nature supported by those witnessing their transformation.

From drum circles to dance, passed down drama and music to basic art making and journaling, the expressive arts have been a cohesive part of those rites of passage as agent, vehicle, and crystallizer of the transformational process. No experience is required, only clear intention for a creative quest which can help direct your life forward from where it is today.

This weekend intensive course will aide you in creating your own expressive rite of passage through the creative arts. In four weekend days (Saturdays 9-4pm) spread out over a span of two months, the workshop will include art and nature experientials tailored to foster transformation. Participants will have opportunity to experience a mini nature solo and should be prepared to be outdoors weather permitting. 

No experience is required. Participants should bring a light lunch.

Day/Time: 9am-12* weather and participant permitting, we will start much earlier (before dawn if possible) at least on solo day

Cost: $150

Ages: 16+

Participants should bring trekking clothes/gear for spending time outside (eg. Rain jacket, sun screen, water bottle, bug (tick) spray, good walking shoes, long pants, hat)

To sign up, go to : http://www.artistreevt.org/creative-rites-of-passage/



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