Expressive arts therapy is an intermodal art approach to therapy. It posits that combing the visual arts, movement, drama, music, writing and other creative processes can foster deep personal growth and community development ( 

Expressive Art therapy may take many forms and occur in various settings, both as individual sessions or group, from traditional counseling offices to art studios to music rooms or even inspiring environmental settings which can offer truly peak experiences for your healing process. 

Healing becomes a natural blossoming of renewal for not only for you the individual, but your family, the community, and environment you live in. Intermodal transfer is a way of creative movement between different modalities of art that facilitate that natural healing process through mindfulness arts creation and reflection.

Nature is a powerful healer and many times we feel most rested and relaxed and inspired when engaged in the natural world, as posited by Ecopsychology (T. Roszak). I use this inherent connection with the environment along with the expressive arts process and traditional counseling best practices to allow you the most rewarding therapeutic process possible. I call this therapeutic process: Ecopsychological Expressive Art Therapy.

Below is a link to recent article on the potential power of nature to heal. (courtesy of Elements Behavioral Health)