Bereavement Blog: Summer reflections

Struggling with the loss of a loved one can be difficult. Don’t go the journey alone, others can help through this great time of need. You can learn how to manage the stressors of loss through the creative arts process. This is a blog of that creative journey. 

Flowers growing in the detritus of my heart


Meet up on occasion


for some much needed connection


and puzzling piecing back to together again-ness.


Things unnecessary can be…


until we can have just a little connective peace between each one another.



in loving memory of those who have come before us

left too soon from this world to go




Bereavement group is a free non-discriminatory community support group for all ages which meets weekly to support each other through the process of loss. It is co facilitated by Ben Fox LCMHC and Jess Stout MSW. It is a confidential safe space which meets in the Artistree Farmhouse in South Pomfret,  Vermont. No artistic skills are required. All images/statements below have permission to be viewed/printed here only.  For more information, please contact Ben Fox LCMHC at 802 779 1524 or



Thank you to all who take the time to share their process above. This blog was created in response to your request to be able to share your healing process with those who are unable to be present. I thank you and your families for your support and overwhelming kindness. - BWF




Ben Fox is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician in the state of Vermont, an Expressive Art Therapist, & an Community Minister associated with the North Universalist Chapel Society of Woodstock, VT