Harvest Time

It is time to harvest again. Fall.

It is a time to reflect, gather, and let go a little bit more. Of tension, of anger, of pain, of wounds which need healing and have been prevented in doing so.

It’s been a time to allow ourselves to be caught in the morning dew having worked all night.  Seeds of hope and change, and despair all tangled within, come out with the slag and friendship and fill in the gaps in between. 

There is a moment to rest, to breath, to be mindful of ourselves and the world around us. It is a time to reach the other side of those departed, but not forgotten. To come out of the darkness just a little bit more. 

There is chance to work on the inner hardware of our souls; with skinned knuckles and buckets of spare parts. 

There is chance to let the spirit, grown inside for so long, to be restored and set free - again.

For it is a time, for