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5/15/15: Some wonderful young artists from Windsor VT came to with brimming enthusiasm about cleaning up their local community and environment by creating hand painted syrup buckets as nicotine - butt cans which they will then ask local businesses to sponsor in the hopes that it will encourage users of tobacco to stop.  They certainly had an impact on the Farmhouse and Red Barn environment, fostering a discussion by staff on better ways to emulate positive role models by not using tobacco products on the premise or to leave dirty cigarette butts on the ground. Art can be messy, but it should be healthy- right? Thanks girls for the inspiration- I hope to have you back soon for more great work!

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Ben Fox is a Licensed Mental Health Clinician in the state of Vermont, an Expressive Art Therapist, & an Community Minister associated with the North Universalist Chapel Society of Woodstock, VT